Free Wire Wrapping Tutorial – Wire Wrap and Wire Weaved Spheres!

In this fun, step by step wire wrapping tutorial, you will learn a wonderful way to wrap spherical objects such as your favorite crystal balls, gemstone spheres, glass marbles, tumbled (near round) stones… musket balls even! These are spherical objects with no holes, so in other words, this is not a bead wrap. The tutorial assumes you have some weaving experience, but the close-up video will guide you regardless of skill level.

You will use 1 wire to create the cage frame and then use weaving wire to capture the sphere within it. I hope you enjoy it! Please leave a comment and let me know how you did! Subscribe to my channel and strike the Bell to be notified when I post new projects!

I am using a 17mm glass marble – a spherical object. 😉
18 inches of 18 gauge, round, dead soft copper wire – frame wire.
5 feet of 28 gauge, round, dead soft copper wire – weaving wire.
Flush cutter
Round nose pliers
Chain link or bent nose pliers

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