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The Vendor Registration process is easy to complete. RockyGems Marketplace creates an avenue to open up your very own store as a vendor.  Firstly, the mission of the marketplace is to host trusted quality stores on our online platform. Above all, our market features only premiere honest vendors and specialists in their field of interest providing quality products. As a result, these treasures are offered to a worldwide network of interested clients.

We make the process easy for buyers and sellers to facilitate seamless transactions and heightened satisfaction. Therefore, if you are a quality vendor – we want you! Please complete our vendor registration below. Vendor Registration
Frequently Asked Questions

As a new seller to Marketplace, you likely have a few questions. We sincerely enjoy working with all of our sellers to achieve optimized results.


  • Do you charge a commission on the products sold?  
    Yes!  There is an 8% charge for all sales. 
  • Are there any other costs to set up a store?
    No, due to Covid-19 we are waiving our $299 fee to get started.  If you are computer savvy we will provide you with a tutorial on how to set up your store. 
  • Will there be a trainer to assist me if I need help?
    Yes for a fee of $60.  The trainer will assist you in the store setup. Training can take up to 2 hours. We want you to feel completely comfortable and independent in creating a store that will bring customers, to your site.
  • Are there credit cards and shipping fees? 
    Yes, there is a charge of 2.9 % credit card fee or market value. You will not have to worry about setting up your own credit card payment system. We take PayPal and all major credit cards to make it convenient for the customer. This fee will be deducted along with the shipping fees that the customers pay along with commission from each sale.


  • What are the benefits of being in the marketplace?
    There are many benefits to joining  You benefit from our shows, networking, and community. The owner of Marketplace is also a show promoter as RMGM Promotions.  RMGM currently does 3 mineral and fossil shows throughout the year with more shows in the future.  We have a “big audience” of buyers who are looking for a quality and trusted site. The buyers seek to make a secure purchase with vendors that they buy from at the shows.
  • How does marketing the store work? 
    We have a marketing plan in place to ensure that Rockygems Marketplace gets a tremendous amount of exposure. Moreover, we also give advice to our vendors on how to market their own stores. We are committed to assisting you to become successful because if you succeed we will as well!

Extra Services:

  • Are there more services available for me to succeed in the Marketplace? also provides additional services at minimal cost to assist you in creating a spectacular store. Certainly, our staff can help you. In addition, we can upload items to your store, connect your social marketing platforms, and offer marketing tools.
  • How many products can I upload to the store?
    Each vendor may upload up to 300 items into their store with no additional cost. On the other hand, if you desire to upload more than 300 items there is an additional charge. We have a minimal fee scale to upload additional items.
  • If I needing a dedicated email for my store can I purchase an email address?
    Yes. However, there will be a $15 charge for a dedicated email account.  For example, a sample email appears like this: Let us know during vendor registration if you are interested.

In conclusion, RockyGems.Com Marketplace connects collectors and sellers around the world. Our site provides high visibility to a worldwide network of customers. Certainly, if our vision and what we offer matches your goals – then please complete our vendor registration below. 

Moreover, we make the process easy for buyers and sellers to facilitate seamless transactions and heightened satisfaction.

In Addition we have even more to offer:

  • Easy storefront navigation
  • Outlet to reach interested mineral buyers
  • Personal storefront and web page
  • Show connections / networking / exposure

To clarify – “Your success will be our success”

Additional pricing - 8% charge on all sales, Credit Card Fees 2.9-3.9% market value, Auction commission 8% for members .
Once the vendor agreement is reviewed a manager will contact you if your application has been approved.
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