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Rockygems Marketplace Privacy Policy states how we protect your privacy. For instance, as with the majority of websites – we gather cookies and information to improve your experience. Data Collection is important to understand your interests and interaction on our site. Below are the full terms and use of collected information and data from this site. For instance, information is gathered through cookies.

As a result, a cookie is a small piece of data or information stored on your computer by a web browser. Data collection is a reliable mechanism for websites to remember information and data or to record the user’s browsing activity. We will not share or distribute your data. Our site has a respectful privacy policy. uses the program “termly” to keep track of our terms, conditions, privacy policy, and use of cookies. By visiting this site, you agree to the following. Please read if you have any concerns. The information we collect through Data Collection and cookies will be kept confidential. Your privacy is our concern.

Through data collection, we are able to memorize your interests, favorite pages, and visitation to make a more memorable experience. Therefore, In searching for various rocks, gems, and minerals – this will help to find what you seek.

To clarify, if you have any further questions about cookies, privacy policy, data collection, and information, please contact us. If you need support, visit our help desk. Please join our community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Interested in real-life events? visit our shows at RMGM Promotions.

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