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Mineral of the Month:

By Bill Jones

Amazonite: Amazonite is A variety of Microcline that is a member of the Feldspar mineral group. Amazonite is a potassium aluminum silicate mineral. Its color is usually blue, green, or bluish-green. Amazonite often has white lines or alternating streaks mixed in and can have uneven color distribution.
VIEW Amazonite & Smoky Quartz Amazonite & Smoky Quartz
Rare combination of AMAZONITE and SMOKY QUARTZ crystals from the famous SMOKY HAWK MINE in Colorado. Largest Smoky Quartz crystal is 1.5 inches and terminated. Great blue-green color on the Amazonite crystals. Specimen is 7.6 inches in length.
VIEW Earrings Amazonite Earrings
Squiggles of handcast sterling silver host long teardrops of faceted amazonite. Sterling silver posts. Length 2.5″.
VIEW EARRINGS Gold Amazonite Earrings
Squiggles of 18kt gold vermeil are finished with long teardrops of faceted amazonite. Sterling silver posts. Length 2.5″.
VIEW PENDANT A Kiss From a Frog Pendant
amazonite 52×25, -turquoise, metal accents, black cord necklace
VIEW EARRINGS Amazonite & Glass Earrings
Charcoal glass crystals set in rhodium plated brass posts host teardrops of bright amazonite. Sterling silver posts. Length 2″.
VIEW EARRINGS Amazonite Earrings

Amazonite Earrings: Elongated sterling silver hoops host lovely teardrops of amazonite. Sterling silver posts. Length 3″.


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