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All About Rockygems Marketplace: Rockygems.com is the place to go to purchase or sell rocks, gems, minerals, fossils, and Meteorites. Our online platform helps you find that special specimen, a jewelry piece, and to learn about this wonderful world of geology.

The curiosity of picking up your first rock starts at a young age and never seems to leave us as adults. It’s just our nature to want to learn and be curious about the world around us.

All about Rockygems

Why About Rockygems?

Rockygems Marketplace was created as a trusted online platform for collectors, vendors, and their communities. As a result, our Marketplace is best known for servicing individuals, mineral, and fossil communities. We are the source for both the shoppers and vendors. Most importantly, Rockygems Marketplace strives to help collectors finding those special minerals, fossils, gemstones, and jewelry they are looking for. We aim to give vendors a venue to sell their specialized treasures. Therefore, we provide a home for vendors by offering a positive online shopping experience combined with selections of quality products.

A network and community

In addition to online shopping, we will be facilitating an educational platform. These training resources will offer jewelry design & earth sciences from experts in their field. 

Through our gem and mineral shows, we have brought together individuals, communities, and networks specializing in these sciences. As a result, our network is a family of collectors and stores alike. Our resources can guide you in finding that special item, discover new masterpieces of the earth, and learn while having fun.

Rockygems is your trusted online marketplace for just that. Here you can find or sell rocks, gems, minerals, fossils, meteorites, and jewelry.  In addition to the online marketplace, we offer shows and events through RMGM Promotions. You can vend both online and in person. You can share your discoveries. Most importantly, you can learn the craft.

We hope our site begins your journey to connect with trusted vendors while purchasing that special specimen. 

Let us learn together and enjoy what nature has given us!

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