RockyGems.Com Marketplace – How do I become a vendor?

Interested in joining / Marketplace? 

RockyGems Marketplace creates an avenue to open up you very own store.  The mission of the marketplace is to be the trusted stores who will feature quality vendors and specialists in their field of interest providing quality products to a worldwide network of interested clients. We make the process easy for buyers and sellers to facilitate seamless transactions and heightened satisfaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As a new seller to Marketplace you likely have a few questions. We sincerely enjoy working with all of our sellers to achieve optimized results.

  • Do you charge commission on the products sold?   Yes!  There is a 8% charge for all sales. 
  • Are there any other costs to set up a store? No, due to Covid-19 we are waiving our $299 fee to get started.  If you are computer savvy we will provide you with a tutorial on how to set up your store.  If you are needed a trainer, then the fee is just $60.  The trainer will assist you on the store setup.
    • Training can take up to 2 hours. We want you to feel completely comfortable and independent in creating a store that will bring you customers to your site.
    • If you are needing a dedicated email for your store then there will be a $15 charge.  Sample email:
    • Credit card fees, shipping fees, and the commission will be deducted from each sale
    • This fee will allow you to upload up to 200 items into your store. There will be a minimal fee to upload additional items to your store.
    • There will be a minimal annual yearly fee of $25 to maintain up to 200 items.
2. What are the benefits of being in the marketplace?
  • The owner of / Marketplace is also a show promoter who currently does 3 mineral and fossil shows throughout the year with more shows in the future.  We have a “big audience” of buyers who are looking for a quality and trusted site to make a secure purchase with vendors that they buy from at the shows.
  • A great deal of marketing will be done throughout the year online, at shows, and mailers
  • Being part of a marketplace that will emphasize quality & accountability.
  • We are committed to assisting you to become successful because if you are successful we will be successful!

3. We also provide additional services for a minimal price to assist you in uploading your items to the web store, social marketing platform, and marketing tools.

4. The Marketplace will also feature auctions! Let the fun begin!

RockyGems.Com Marketplace connects collectors and sellers around the  world. Our site provides high visibility to a worldwide network of customers. We make the process easy for buyers and sellers to facilitate seamless transactions and heightened satisfaction.

More Benefits

  • Easy storefront navigation
  • Outlet to reach interested mineral buyers
  • Personal storefront and web page
  • Show connections / networking / exposure
I want more information about becoming a vendor at Marketplace? 

What will you be selling?
                                      “Your success will be our success”

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