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  • $795.00

    Fossilized Dinosaur Egg

    Chewed up and Spit Out

    But not without a Fight, the attacking Raptor left a tooth behind. Embedded in the Egg!

    Hadrosaur Facts:

    This group is known as the duck-billed dinosaurs for the flat duck-bill appearance of the bones in their snouts. The ornithopod family, which includes genera such as Edmontosaurus and Parasaurolophus, was a common group of herbivores during the Late Cretaceous Period.[1] Hadrosaurids are descendants of the Upper Jurassic/Lower Cretaceous iguanodontian
    dinosaurs and had a similar body layout. Hadrosaurs were among the most
    dominant herbivores during the Late Cretaceous in Asia and North
    America, and during the close of the Cretaceous several lineages
    dispersed into Europe, Africa, and South America.

    100% Real
     Authenticity Guarantee COA
    USA SOURCED on private land

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  • $75.00

    This Jasper is beautiful.

    This JasperEgg is rare.

    Ok. “Rare” is a loose term today but it’s definitely One of a kind.

    Hadrosaur Dinosaur Fossilized Egg Fragment

    Shell is clearly visible.

    Late Cretaceous Period

    Store:  Gofer Rocks
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