About Us

Welcome to Rockygems.com Marketplace!  A marketplace that was created just for minerals, fossils, gemstones, cabochons, homemade jewelry, meteorites,  home decorating, rockhounding tools & supplies, and tutorials.

The marketplace is an online store with some of the best mineral, fossils,  meteorite, gemstone, & jewelry stores on the market today.  The store in a newly created site, but most of the dealers have been around for many years.  We also welcome new dealers who are also passionate about their stores by bringing you the best quality on the market, and an easy way to purchase online through a trusted site.

The marketplace was designed for our community. As a show promoter, I encourage you to attend the mineral and fossil shows so you can meet the vendors who have their products online.  We want to sponsor a trusted site where you can make a purchase and be completely satisfied with the price, quality and comfort from buying from a trusted site.   

Enjoy the marketplace and make sure to check back periodically because the marketplace will continue to grow, and you may see your favorite vendor listed in the marketplace. 

Happy Shopping!


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